All individuals, groups or organizations who are interested in conducting an event or class at the Library should submit the Library’s Program Proposal Form.

  • Library events are typically scheduled a minimum of three months in advance.
  • Presenters are expected to supply their own materials or handouts, unless discussed in advance with Library staff.
  • Presenters who are being paid to present must submit a presenter agreement, invoice, W9 and an OPERS Independent Contractor Acknowledgement form annually in advance of their program.
  • Program presenters will be paid within 30 days after their program.
  • Items directly related to Library events may be sold, as long as the sales are approved by the Library and benefit the Library. 20% of sales must be donated to the Library Foundation, Friends of the Public Library or the Anderson Township Library Association (if the program is held at the Anderson or Mt. Washington branch). Library staff may not assist with sales.
  • Performers and musicians who use music, movies or other copyrighted materials in Library programs should only use material for which they have permission to use, however they intend to use it. The Library expects that performers and musicians will obtain any necessary copyright permission and/or license for any non-original works used for any Library event. This includes works performed live and/or use of recorded music.
  • Presenters that use animals in their programs must submit proof of liability insurance and be approved by the Library’s Fiscal Officer.
  • The Library does not sponsor events that promote businesses or for-profit enterprises. This does not mean, however, that representatives of businesses and for-profit enterprises cannot be presenters in library-sponsored events. Any information must be of general interest to the intended audience and applicable to situations that do not require purchasing a specific product or enrolling in a specific fee-based program. Presenters are permitted to have business related brochures, flyers, or other informational items available for attendees to pick up if interested. Such materials cannot be distributed as part of the event.
  •  Pre-packaged foods or food prepared by a business licensed to prepare food may be served at Library events. Homemade foods are not permitted.
  •  Promotion of events is coordinated by the Library’s Marketing Department; all materials to be used by a co-sponsoring body must be approved by the Library before the scheduled event.
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