Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision,

and Values


Vision, and


Mission Statement

Connecting people with the world of ideas and information.

Vision Statement

It is the Library’s vision to:

  • Excel in customer service
  • Be the first choice for information
  • Anticipate and meet changing needs
  • Assure equitable access to the Library’s resources and services
  • Be a dynamic force in the community


Open Access:

The Library values free, open, unrestricted access to its collections and services. We are committed to connecting our customers to the ideas, information and materials they wish to explore in a friendly, nonjudgmental manner. We strive to offer materials, programs and services that represent the needs of our diverse population.

Customer Focus:

The Library values all customers and is responsive to their service needs. The customer’s opinion and input is welcomed in all initiatives and undertakings. We consider the impact on the customer in all decisions.


The Library values excellence, individually and collectively. We offer quality service to all customers by displaying a positive attitude, valuing the diversity of people and perspectives, and expecting integrity and competence in our personal and professional actions. We strive to earn the trust and confidence of all customers.

Growth and Innovation:

The Library values continuous learning and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. We respond to present situations and anticipate future needs.

Good Stewardship:

The Library values responsible stewardship of all the resources with which we have been entrusted. We are accountable for ensuring the proper use of public funds. We take seriously our responsibility to maximize the efficiency of staff time and talent making the best use of all our resources in the delivery of quality library service.

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