Circulation of Petitions


of Petitions

Petitioning on Library Premises

Individuals circulating petitions on library property must follow all pertinent legal guidelines and library policy. Petitioners are permitted to solicit names on library property such as, walkways and parking lots, but must not interfere with ingress/egress to the library property. Petitioners are not permitted to solicit names inside any library building, lobby area, or immediately outside any entrance doors.

Campaign material is only permitted to be distributed outside of library buildings which serve as a polling location. Individuals distributing campaign material must: i) do so at least 100 ft. from the entrance of the Library building serving as a polling location; and ii) not block or interfere in any way with ingress/egress to the Library property.

Distribution and Posting of Non-Library Material Policy

The Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library only posts and distributes posters, flyers, brochures, and other miscellaneous announcements that publicize community events of a civic, cultural, educational, or recreational nature that are open to everyone and presented by non-commercial groups located in Hamilton County. No items, including surveys of any nature, may be posted or distributed without approval from the Library's Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director. Items to be considered for posting or distribution should be submitted to the Management at appropriate location who may review the material for further consideration with the Marketing Department and/or Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director as needed.

The display and distribution of non-library materials does not constitute endorsement of the materials' content by the Library.

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