What is a Study Room

Many of our locations have a study room available for public use. Please check with your branch or check online, opens a new window to see where study rooms are located across CHPL. Study rooms are best suited for individual or small group work or study and are smaller than our meeting rooms. Additionally, study rooms offer limited privacy and do not function as soundproof rooms. While sound dampening efforts have been made for each study room, results vary from location to location. Library staff would be happy to show you a study room before making a reservation to see how well it might meet your needs.

Who Can Use a Study Room

Anyone can reserve a study room. Study room use is free. Some activities may be better suited for one of our other library spaces. Please talk with library staff to determine which space would work best for you. More details available below.

How To Reserve a Study Room

You can make your reservation online or call the library location. Study room requests are not subject to staff approval. When you reserve a study room, you agree to the Study Room Policy and Guidelines.

How Much Does it Cost to Reserve Study Room

There is no fee for using a study room.

How Often a Study Room can be Used

Study rooms may be requested up to 2 weeks in advance.

Study rooms may be requested up to 4 consecutive hours in a single day.

In some instances, study room reservations may be extended depending on demand. Please check with library staff to see if your time may be extended if the need arises.

Study room reservations may be cancelled if the reservation holder does not arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation time.

Please call the library location if you are running late.

When a Study Room can be Used

Study rooms are available during public service hours. Library hours are listed online, opens a new window.

The Library reserves the right to cancel or change any study room reservation if circumstances at the Library so demand.

If the Library must close due to emergency situations or inclement weather, all study rooms reservations during the closure will be cancelled.

What Does CHPL Ask of You

Please leave the study room as you found it.

Study rooms vary across the system, so please check with library staff if you are unsure which study room you reserved or how to gain access to that study room.

The Library asks that your individual or small group work does not disturb other library activities or customers.

All groups and individuals must follow the Standards of Library Behavior.

The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for study room use when conditions so warrant

The Library reserves the right to stop study room activities which interfere with or are disruptive to the normal operations of the Library.

The person requesting use of a study room will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of themselves and/or any small group for any loss or damage to library property or equipment.

No gambling, games of chance, bingo, casinos or wagering of any kind may be a part of any study room activity.

No promotion, sale of items, or services is allowed in any library study room.

Storage of personal property, equipment and/or supplies is not permitted in the Library.

What Can be Asked of CHPL

Library staff will happily show any study rooms available at that location if the study room is not currently in use.

Attendance is limited by study room capacity, so please feel free to check with branch staff on room capacity.

In the event of an accident, please let library staff know so that we can get you connected with first aid resources and take any appropriate measures to help ensure your safety.

Public restrooms are available for use by individuals and small groups using a study room.

As a Publicly Funded Institution, Here Are Some Specific Rules You Must Follow

Commercial usage

  • No promotion, sale of items or services is allowed in any library meeting room.
  • Attempting to raise funds for any purpose is not permissible.

Political usage

  • Any action or event organized by a campaign committee or group designed specifically to promote or oppose a candidate or ballot issue is not permitted.
  • Meetings at which candidates will discuss current election issues are permitted provided the event is hosted by a non-partisan, non-profit organization (i.e. League of Women Voters) and all candidates for the same office have been invited.
  • Meetings held by a campaign committee or political party/group to plan a campaign or political activity are permissible.
  • Also permissible are meetings held by elected officials to gather input or communicate with their constituents.
  • Use of a meeting room to plan a fund-raising campaign or event is permitted.

Religious usage

  • Discussion groups studying religious topics are permitted.

Food and Drink

  • Light refreshments may be brought into library study rooms. Please be sure beverages are in closed containers.
  • Individuals and/or small groups using them will be responsible for any clean up following the study room use.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any type may not be brought into, served, or consumed on the Library’s premises.
  • Tobacco may only be used on library property in compliance with Ohio law.
  • Candles or open flames of any kind may not be used in any study room.

Setup and Technology Expectations

All study rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Technology varies from study room to study room so please check with branch staff in advance of making a reservation to see what might be available. Individuals and small groups must use library study rooms as they are furnished.

Individuals and/or small groups are encouraged to bring their own cords, coupling, and other equipment they might use. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or any other materials owned by the individual and/or small group and used in the Library. Storage of personal property, equipment and/or supplies is not permitted in the Library.

Study rooms at some locations are equipped with mounted audio-visual screens. Individuals and/or small groups who wish to use these services should contact the Library location staff for assistance with set-up.

At this time, the Library doesn’t support Apple devices.

Liability Clause

Groups or individuals using meeting rooms and study rooms shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Library its trustees, officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, costs, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting and accruing from any act, omission or error of the such group or individual and any users, employees, agents, representatives, guests, invitees, resulting in or relating to personal injuries or property damage arising from the group's or individual's use of the Library.

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