During the Aug. 10, 2021 meeting of the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library Board of Trustees, board members agreed to end the practice of issuing fines for overdue items. This change goes into effect Sept. 26, 2021.

Borrowing privileges are stopped when unpaid fees reach $10.00 and/or when an item is 12 or more days overdue (beyond the eight automatic renewals).

Effective: June 11, 2024

Fee applied to a card turned over to a collection agency $10.00
Fee for lost or damaged materials
Total loss or damage Replacement Cost
Process a Lost and Paid reimbursement $5.00 process fee
Book bindery charge $10.00
Item from multi-volume set $10.00
Audiovisual container $1.00
Library card fee
Non-resident card: valid for one year $90.00
Branch Meeting room fee
Events for purely social purposes $50.00 up to 2 hours




Main Library Meeting room fee
Private events for social purposes in Tower Room Suite
Tower Room $50.00 up to 2 hours
Tower Room + Terrace $150/hour
Tower Room + Terrace + Meeting Room 3SB (After Hours) $500/hour
Meeting Rooms 1SA, 1SB, 1SC + Atrium Access (Before Hours) $150/hour
Main Library meeting rooms not specifically listed follow Branch Meeting Room fee structure.
SearchOhio/Ohiolink fees
SearchOhio replacement fee $25.00
OhioLINK replacement fee $125.00


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