3 projects you can do on our NEW large-format scanner

Thanks to a generous donation from the LaMacchia Family Foundation, the MakerSpace, opens a new window at the Downtown Main Library added a state-of-the-art large format scanner to its collection of specialized making machines that help bring community members’ creative visions to life.

The new IQ Flex scanner features a maximum standard sheet size of 24 x 18 inches, with the ability to scan images up to double that size thanks to its innovative stitching capability. It is also capable of creating scans with an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.

After scanning media, it’s possible to further edit the image digitally using Photoshop, which is available on the Digital Creation Stations in the MakerSpace. You can also reproduce your scans onto paper or vinyl using the large format printers.

“Since the MakerSpace opened at the Downtown Main Library in 2015, we have continued to listen to feedback from the community about the types of services and equipment they would like to see us offer,” said TechCenter and MakerSpace Team Leader Nate Pelley. “Large format scanning capability has always been one of the top requests, and starting this fall we are excited to offer our patrons that ability.”

Because the IQ Flex scanner is ideal for transforming fragile originals or large scale works that won’t fit onto a traditional scanner, it’s perfect for artists, graphic designers, architects, photographers, archivists, and more. We came up with three fun projects you can do with this wonderful new machine.

Photo Collage 

Whether you're attending a family reunion or your best friend’s baby shower, it’s always fun to reminisce with loved ones. Allow large groups to look back on the past by creating and printing a large scale photo collage. Simply bring in the collection of photographs you want to scan, place them all on the scanner in an artful arrangement, scan, print, and display!

Map and Blueprint Preservation

If you have old maps or blueprints that are deteriorating, you can bring them to the Library and use the scanner to preserve them. We love the idea of framing cool old architecture renderings and hanging them in a prominent spot in your home like over other couch or in a dining room, especially if the piece commemorates a place of sentimental value.

Digital Scrapbook

Let’s face it, kids produce a lot of projects – whether it’s finger painting treasures or science fair projects that took all night long, it can be difficult to keep and store these cherished works they create over the years, especially if you have limited storage space. You can use our large format scanner to help digitally preserve your children’s creations and keep your closet or basement from bursting with all that glitter, construction paper, and poster board. 

To book your appointment using the new IQ Flex scanner, click here, opens a new window or visit the MakerSpace to set up an appointment. MakerSpace staff is available to assist users with set up and questions during their appointment.