Bringing Imagination to Life with CHPL’s Drawing Club

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

Where could you find a unicorn, pencil doodle man, an F-15 fighter aircraft, and a stunning sunset? Look no further than the Library’s Virtual Drawing Club.

Six Weeks of Incredible Imagination

For six Saturday mornings, a group of 15 aspiring artists met virtually with the Library’s Graphic Designer, Ashley Kroninger, and Blue Ash Library Childrens Librarian, Molly Ehrnschwender. Their mission: learn art techniques, make new friends, and of course, draw some cool creations.

Amaya, age 11, said the club was a blast. "Everyone was nice and they only said nice things about our drawings. I got to do what I enjoy: hang out with other kids who like drawing too." She added that she's inspired to take a drawing class this spring to continue to explore her interest.

Each class started with a practice activity such as 10-second animals. Then, the artists aged 7-12 tackled a new art theme from learning their way around a sketchbook to more advanced concepts such as blind contour drawing. There was plenty of serious technical skill-building alongside some magnificent creations.

Some Truly Terrific Creations

What resulted from six weeks of art-filled adventure? See some of the masterpieces for yourself:

Is Art Made at the Library, or is the Library Making Art?

The Virtual Drawing Club for Kids may have ended for now, but there are plenty of ways to get artistic at the Library:

Share your favorite art or something you’ve created in the comments below. Take your art to the next level at an upcoming art event at the Library.