Goblins Abound as Warlock Vorobok Reads Christina Rossetti

Written by Adam Vorobok, Reference Librarian, Downtown Main Library

Despite being one of the most popular Victorian poets, Christina Rossetti challenged the Victorian morals with this poem about temptation. Even Warlock Vorobok looks over his shoulder while reading this one! Tune your ears towards the void as the Warlock reads Rossetti's "Goblin Market."

Hone Your Scary Stories

Join Manuel Iris, the Library's Writer-In-Residence, for an in person office hours session to strengthen your skills on October 24 from 6-7 p.m. at the Oakley Branch Library.

Bring questions about how to best put your ideas on the page or how to address that challenge you've encountered in your current project. Iris's expertise is in poetry, and he welcomes writers in all genres. 

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