How a Library book launched a balloon business

For small business owner Amy Holmes, going to the Library was a part of her childhood routine. When she got older, she went to the Library in search of books about games for large groups of children in preparation for a family reunion. The rest, as they say, is history.

A book on balloon twisting lead Amy to start her thriving Looney Ballooney business that serves clients like Target, LeBron James, The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, Skyline Chili, Jungle Jims, University of Dayton, and more, bringing joy and delight to kids and adults.

"The books from the Library acted as almost like a recipe book if you were in the kitchen, you open the pages and you've got the words, you've got the instructions, but then you've got pictures to follow, step by step. So, if it weren't for the books and the way [they were] written out, and the step by step instructions, I probably would have given up. It probably would have been a lot more difficult. So, being able to follow the books and take my time [...] the Library was just an excellent resource."

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at Holmes' business journey: