Kickstart Your Holidays with a Special Podcast Reading of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

Telling stories is an annual tradition for many families and friends that gather each year during the holiday season. And last year the Library's new tradition began with a reading of A Christmas Carol by Librarian Adam Vorobok as part of the Warlock Vorobock Reads, opens a new window podcast.

So, whether you're gathering in person or virtually, join in the holiday spirit as Warlock Vorobok guides us through each stave – also known as a chapter –and read along using an 1843 edition of A Christmas Carol, opens a new window from our Digital Library. Don’t overlook the detailed illustrations from John Leech that we’ve included below as they capture the frights and joy of this classic tale.

So, gather round and stay close as talk of spirits abounds this holiday season, especially for one Ebenezer Scrooge!

Stave I: Marley’s Ghost

Stave II: The First of the Three Spirits

Stave III: The Second of the Three Spirits

Stave IV: The Last of the Spirits

Stave V: The End of It

Do you have a story you read every holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.