LEGO Gallery: CHPL’s Program Boosted Skills and Social Connectivity

Written by Heather Jobson, Children’s Librarian, Loveland Branch 

"Everything is awesome…"

If you are the parent of a LEGO fan, you may recognize this as the LEGO Movie theme song refrain. But life is not-so-awesome when you are a kid stuck inside because of winter weather and pandemic-required physical distancing. During the early months of 2021, young Lego fans resisted social isolation through the Library’s LEGO Lounge and the LEGO Winter Build virtual programs.  

View a gallery of LEGO creations by our participants:

Building 21st Century Skills 

Social connectivity was the main goal of these events, and kids practiced many social skills. Participating required use of the Zoom platform, and builders modeled for each other excellent virtual social graces. They practiced taking turns and offering compliments as well as constructive criticism. The children exhibited an awareness of their audience (which is different virtually, where you have to make sure your audience can adequately hear you and see what you are displaying). They helped each other (and me!) troubleshoot technical problems with the platform. 

Sharing = Connection = Awesomeness 

Please enjoy their creations above and if you have some constructive observations or appreciations, share them in the comments section. In past years, the Loveland Branch Library has held LEGO exhibitions in the branch and children could see firsthand the reactions of viewers to their builds. By taking the time to share your reaction to a build below, you show children that their work is important and can affect others. You also help them feel connected to the community in a way that makes them (and you) feel awesome! 

Attend A Library Program Outdoors 

Although the LEGO program has concluded, there are many great Library programs for children to attend this spring and summerincluding some great virtual programs. And, as the weather warms up, the Library is adding more socially distanced outdoor programs for all ages. Visit our online calendar and sign up today.