Gaining a New Career Using a Library Card

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

We insist on being a library for all. All minds. All modes. All needs. More than 2.4 million visits are made to the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library each year from customers living in and working in our diverse, vibrant, and unique neighborhoods. Our series “Meet a Library Customer, opens a new window” shares the stories that minds of all kinds have each day at CHPL.

Most people will change careers or get a new job at least once in their life. Those who have done it know: it’s no walk in the park. “Brushing up your resume” is easier said than done, but by using tools, opens a new window available through her CHPL library card, Diane not only created a resume to catch the eye of even the stingiest recruiter, but learned the skills to land the job she’d be looking for.

Switching Gears to a New Career

After leaving corporate life and working at a grocery store for almost a decade, Diane Schleppi realized she wanted to do something different. Before she started applying to new jobs, she took a look at her resume, saw the new technology and software companies use, and how recruiters are selecting applicants.

She found, like so many others leaving careers they’ve held for years, that things had changed.

“I had been out of the corporate world for a long time, and I knew it would be sort of a challenge to go back,” Diane said, “What you need to do to look for a job, prepare for a job, and apply for a job has changed so much.”

Determined to start her new career, and as a longtime library customer, she already had an idea of where to find the information she needed. She turned to the Library.

Searching for New Skills

Just a few moments after browsing CHPL’s Job Seekers page, opens a new window, she quickly found the online resources and trainings to bring her up to speed. She used her CHPL library card to access some of the thousands of LinkedIn Learning courses, opens a new window covering everything from resume building and creating a LinkedIn profile to more technical training on software she’d need for her target job, one of her top concerns in landing the jobs she was pursuing.

“More than anything,” Diane, said, “the ability to get all the refresher education and brush up on my skills made me be able to say ‘Yes, I can still do this.’”

Diane received feedback on her new resume from Library staff, through one-on-one appointments available for customers to make online, opens a new window.

“I was absolutely amazed to discover what was available. And completely free!” Diane said, “These are resources that I would have expected to have to pay for elsewhere and it was all here.”

Before she knew it, using her new resume, LinkedIn skills, and training she gained through the Library, Diane had quickly landed the job she wanted.

“There was far more available at the Library than I realized,” Diane said, “I gained the ability to prepare in a way that I could get a job. The Library didn’t let me down.”

Looking for a new job or career? Check out our Job Seekers page, opens a new window for resources, events, trainings, or to meet one-on-one with Library staff to get help while you start your job search.