Practice Mindfulness as a Family with Help from CHPL

Written by Sharon Chittock, Youth Librarian, Popular Library, Downtown Main Library

Our world is going through a lot of changes right now. As many families gather together this time of year and we're nearing the second full year of the COVID-19 pandemic, these changes can feel overwhelming for adults as well as children.

Mindfulness is a tool for nearly everyone to navigate stress and uncertainty. It’s a useful technique to name and manage those big feelings, self-soothe, and lead a healthier life.

Practicing Mindfulness with CHPL

Mindfulness is an important building block for social/emotional learning, regulation, and intelligence in children. With videos, resources, and events for all ages the Library is where you and your children’s mindfulness journey can begin.

One of the first steps to soothing and helping us feel calmer is giving our feelings a name. If your child is feeling sad, mad, scared, or anxious, asking them if they are feeling any of those emotions can help them recognize their feelings.

A great place to start practicing mindfulness with your children is the video below, part of the Library’s Important Conversations: Storytime, opens a new window, where I share a simple exercise in mindfulness using your senses.

Mindfulness Together at Library Events

Yoga is another exercise perfect for all ages to practice mindfulness. Join Virtual Yoga for Kids, a library program presented by a teen. Meet Vivienne Konz, who is certified to teach yoga, as she introduces you to the world of yoga. Sign up, opens a new window on our online events calendar to join the virtual event on second Tuesday of the month through spring

Coloring is a great way to de-stress with mindful meditation. Join Color Me Calm at the Library in person for an hour of grown-up coloring each month. Registration not required, opens a new window.

Continue Your Mindfulness Journey

Use these picture books and board books, selected by Library staff, to read together with your children. Learn techniques to practice mindfulness together through food, school, crafts, nature, and more.

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What’s your favorite way to practice mindfulness? Let us know by commenting below.