New Decodable Books Series Available to Borrow Now!

Written by Kerry O’Brien Rhoad, Youth Librarian, Mariemont Branch

The Science of Reading is at the forefront of Ohio education and is backed by decades-old research relating to the way our brains learn to read. Governor DeWine’s recent mandate to use the Science of Reading research when teaching students reading and comprehension has led to the Library acquiring new materials to support teachers, students and families.

The Library has purchased several new series of decodable books to help support the phonics and fluency components of the Science of Reading. The different series highlight single letter sounds and consonant/vowel blends and have several levels to accommodate the varying steps a new reader takes as they learn to decode text. Most of the higher levels in the series will focus on fluency rather than basic decoding.

All About the Science of Reading 

 Components of the Science of Reading include:

  • Phonological awareness (hearing the smaller sounds in words) 
  • Phonics and Word Recognition (letters and their sounds; to identify written words accurately) 
  • Fluency (the ability to read smoothly) 
  • Vocabulary/Oral Language/Comprehension (knowing the meaning of words; speak sounds/words correctly; understand the meaning of words) 
  • Text Comprehension (ability to interpret and understand what is being read)

What are Decodable Books?

  • Contain short single syllable words with consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) structure (e.g., hat, cat) 
  • Contain specific letter combinations that represent a single sound (e.g., short “a” sound) 
  • Progress through the letters and sounds that are taught to the new reader so they can practice decoding 
  • Focus on a single skill a reader is learning

Check out our Decodable Books Series!  

Other Ways to Support New and Pre-Readers: 

  • Visit one of our 41 locations for storytime  
    • Did you know that storytime is a great way for kids to develop pre-reading skills? At storytime, kids can learn the alphabet, counting, rhyming, social skills, background knowledge, and more. 
  • Get Homework Help  
    • At 19 of our locations, kids can receive free homework assistance in reading and math. 
  • Sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library  
    • Kids birth to 5 years can receive a free book every month until their 5th birthday.  
  • Check out the Day by Day Family Literacy Calendar  
    • Find daily fingerplays, songs, activities and more to help build pre-reading skills.