Our new website helps you explore without limits

We’re so excited to share the Library’s new look with you! Along with our new website for easier online access, we wanted a fresh design that feels just as fun, friendly, and welcoming as each of our branches.

While books will always be at the heart of what we do, in recent years we’ve expanded our services and offerings to be more diverse and supportive of our community—and this update celebrates that. It’s a new look, but we’re still the same library you know and love: a place for minds of all kinds to come together and learn. 

Here are a few things to explore at our new online home:  

  • Responsive design means this site works on most modern devices! 
  • Everything is in one place  
  • Smarter search – it's easier to find books, research databases, and more
  • Place a hold in one click  
  • Save items to read, watch, or listen to later  
  • Track what you’ve read, watched, or listened to
  • Share, rate, and review your favorite materials
  • Screen-reader friendly pages for people who are blind or visually impaired
  • View lists of favorite materials created by other customers and staff members  
  • Relax with improved security and privacy – the only information that’s shared with others is what you choose to share!

Get on the path to discovery 

To create your login, visit the registration page and enter your library card information. Don’t have a card yet? No problem! You can sign up here to get instant access to everything our site and 41 library locations have to offer.

Need a helping hand? 

It can take a moment to get used to a new environment and websites are no exception. If you get stuck or can’t find what you're looking for, Ask a Librarian and one of our staff members will happily point you in the right direction.  

Our Library is a place to connect and create. We hope you’ll find our new website an extension of this. Together, we’ll go further in a new space that is accessible for all.