No tutor? No problem! Get free Homework Help at the Library

When he first came to Homework Help at his local Branch Library, “Travis” (name changed for the purpose of this blog post) was a funny but shy third-grade student. His grandfather saw him struggling with math and was eager to get him the extra bit of help he needed.  

Travis was a fairly good reader, but subtracting two digit numbers was a challenge for him that required extra practice. His Homework Help Aide used the dry erase board and patience to help Travis understand how to carry or borrow depending on the math problem. 

Each assignment was a journey that ended after highlighting Travis’ successes that day. Eventually, he was able to move on to three-digit numbers with confidence. 

“It’s always rewarding to see students overcome a struggle with any type of academic issue,” says Travis’ Homework Help Aide. “My job is to break down a problem or assignment and help a student along to success. 

Homework Help is available at 19 of our Branch Libraries. Each year, the Library’s Homework Helpers assist over 10,000 students from 61 different schools. Children receive one-on-one attention, usually spending at least 47 minutes on average with an Aide. 

Homework Help is one of the most important services the Library can offer school-aged children. Tutors can cost hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. The Library’s Homework Help is free thanks to the Cincinnati community and generous grants from: 

Harold C. Schott Foundation
Charles H. Dater Foundation
Stern Family Charitable Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation
The Library Foundation

“I really like how our Homework Helper is always there to answer questions or check my work,” said one student. “She is so nice and helps me all year.” 

One parent commented about how their son would not have successfully finished his math class without the assistance of a Homework Help Aide. 

For students who need extra attention on weekends, the William Hueneke Homework Center, opens a new window operates seven days a week, open Saturdays 2-6 p.m. and Sundays 1-5 p.m. If help is needed outside of Library Hours, Brain Fuse—Help Now, opens a new window provides online tutoring available 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday. It also provides helpful practice tests, language labs, and skills-building courses. 

The Library is fully committed to building the bridges that lead students to growth and academic success. “I love talking to kids that come in every day,” said a Homework Help Aide. “Sometimes before they start their work they’ll talk about their day. It’s so fun to hear about their lives at school. It’s rewarding to see them improve in their studies. A lot of the students we work with struggle with math in particular, so it’s awesome to see their growth from our sessions.”