Love Plants? Come to CHPL’s Plant and Seed Swap!

Written by Jenna Felsheim, Library Customer Specialist, West End Branch 

A community plant and seed swap is an inclusive way to engage with others who share an interest in houseplants. Plant people love to share their excitement and talk about their collections. They also are very supportive and knowledgeable about their houseplants. So, join CHPL and SoulSista Plants at the Downtown Main Library from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, April 17, for our Community Plant and Seed Swap.  

How It Works 

Swaps are the perfect opportunity for novice and experienced plant enthusiasts to meet, learn something new about plants, and become plant friends. The bonus is you walk away with new house plants. 

  • Participants bring a plant or several plants and/or seeds they wish to share with other plant hobbyists, lovers, and enthusiasts.     
    • The plants may be whole plants that did not flourish in one environment but may love the space of another caregiver. 
    • Participants also may bring propagated plants. Propagation is the act of creating a new plant from an existing one. There are three ways to propagate a plantdividing (separating an already growing plant), rooting a leaf (typically done with succulents), or rooting a cutting (a small stem with leaves). 
    • Label plants or seeds as best you can with any information about the plant (name, sun/shade, size, etc.) 
  • Plant collectors label and place their plants or seeds on the tables. 
  • Mingle.     
    • Share and learn through stories, experiences, and methods from local plant lovers. 
  • Swap. 

Learn more by watching this video by Parry Stover of LiveLifeStudios.

About the Host: SoulSista Plants

If the idea of a swap feels overwhelming, don’t worry. Lucrecer Braxton of SoulSista Plants ihappily sharing her knowledge and guiding you as your new plant friend. 

Fueled by her passion for houseplants and helping people, Lucrecer has created a community of more than 24,000 plant lovers, of all skill levels, on her SoulSista Plants Instagram account. Offering plant consulting and styling, in addition to hosting a weekly live show, HELLA PLANTS, her followers have come to not only trust her impressive knowledge and experience but have fostered friendships amongst each other and with her—a testament to her ethos, “I know that community starts with me. When I think of the kind of world I want to leave behind for my kids, I ask myself ‘how can I start building that world right now, right here?’ and I let that guide me.” (from 

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