Quiz: Which storytime is right for you and your child?

Kinderbridge or Preschool Storytime? Library Babies or Movers and Shakers? With 41 Branch Libraries, there are plenty of storytimes to choose from, opens a new window. That’s because we’ve made it one of our missions to help parents and caregivers expose their children to the many different ways of seeing and learning about the world and help kids become lifelong readers. 

Most education experts recommend children be read to for at least 20 minutes a day to help increase success in school later in life. Any fostering of early childhood literacy is good for your kid—there really is no limit., opens a new window But which storytime will you and your child like the most? Take our quiz to find out! 

1. Your ideal weekend activity involves…

    A. Tearing up the dance floor
    B. Hiking in Winton Woods
    C. A neighborhood cookout
    D. Browsing the web while listening to your favorite album 

2. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve read your kiddo _____

    A. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, opens a new window 
    B. Snuggle Puppy, opens a new window
    C. On the Night You Were Born, opens a new window
    D. Ada Twist Scientist , opens a new window

3. It’s snack time! What are you craving? 

    A. Rice Krispie treats—snap, crackle, POP!
    B. Goldfish crackers
    C. Anything we can share
    D. Apple slices—for brain power

4. Quick! Pick a color! 

    A. Red
    B. Yellow
    C. Blue
    B. Purple 

5. What is your favorite animal? 

    A. River otter—they’re so playful
    B. Dog – doesn’t matter what kind
    C. I love all animals, how dare you make me choose
    D. Robot—does that count?

6. You’ve just won your dream vacation! Where are you headed? 

    A. Brazil, for Carnival of course
    B. Australia, to hug a koala
    C. Hawaii, Ohana means family
    D. Japan, a hub of technology

7. When it comes to bedtime, the routine isn’t complete without…

    A. Singing a lullaby
    B. Hugging the favorite stuffed animal
    C. Kisses for everyone in the house
    D. Turning on the night light and sound machine

Movers and Shakers 

You love to shake, rattle, and roll! Whether it’s singing, dancing or both, you and your kid love to get up and go. Movers and Shakers is so much more than storytime. There’s not much sitting quietly going on here. Kids get the opportunity to dance, sing, and enjoy music through movement and fun, all in a way the promotes early learning. This program is typically recommended for ages 1-4. 

Tales to Tails

You and your kiddo adore animals. A lot. Tales for Tails was made just for you. At this innovative storytime, kids and their caregivers have the opportunity to work on their reading skills by choosing a book to read to a friendly therapy dog. Just don’t be surprised if you’re thanked by your new furry friend with tail wags and a few sloppy kisses! 

Family Storytime

There’s nothing more important to you than family. Whether you see each other every day or only once in a while, togetherness is a top priority for you. That’s why Family Storytime is right up your alley. This storytime was created for the whole family to enjoy! No matter the age, caregivers, relatives, and siblings can come together to enjoy books, sing songs, and engage in fun projects and activities that build literacy skills. 

Virtual Storytime

You’re a forward thinker. Technological advances excite you. Your child loves to engage in interactive and educational activities on iPads or other devices. That makes our virtual storytime a perfect match. It’s especially wonderful for busy caregivers who might not be able to make it to a traditional story. With all the same benefits, these storytimes are right at your fingertips and can be accessed on our YouTube channel, opens a new window. You can also access interactive, animated children’s books on Hoopla with your library card. 

Our vote? Try them all! All Library storytimes are designed to be lots of fun and aid in the development of your child’s early literacy skills. Visit our events page, opens a new window to see the storytime offerings of the branches nearest to you.