Resources for Healing Racial Trauma

Historical and on-going racism has led to the disproportionate loss of lives of people of color across America and has led to trauma.  “Racial trauma” or “race-based trauma” is trauma related to experiencing racism over and over again.

About Our Resource List

As with any trauma, People of Color may experience anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and hypervigilance to threat. Only recently has racial trauma been discussed in the mental health community (another example of racism), even though physical, mental, and sexual trauma has been inflicted on People of Color since the founding of the United States. Most non-People of Color do not recognize the historical ramifications of racial trauma, instead focusing on recent events that they have deemed “a tragedy”.  

"It's not even about Black or white, it's about right and wrong." said Covedale Senior Library Services Assistant  Sheila Ward. "It's not just healing we're after, it's change. Remove the cancer! The atrocities towards humanity, specifically African Americans and People of Color must end!" 

We want to provide and promote self-care for all those affected by trauma, especially People of Color. Because of years of racism in the health care industry and poverty, many People of Color do not reach out to receive mental health care.  

Fortunately, many more People of Color are now working as psychologists, counselors, and social workers which help with engaging and gaining trust in our minority communities. To learn more about how to connect with minority mental health professionals, see this article in Psychology Today, opens a new window.

"Racial healing requires input and involvement from EVERYONE –Black people, other minorities and/or marginalized communities, as well as people of various vocations and with diverse spheres of influence," said Stephona Hubbard, Library Services Assistant at the Sharonville Branch Library, "Deep-seated racial injustice ingrained in America has emotionally crippled communities and our culture overall. Healing and progress must include, if not begin with, addressing the mental health of those traumatized by such atrocities within this society and those perpetuating its environment."

Below are some resources the Library has compiled for those seeking healing. We recognize that sharing these resources is one small action and do not intend in any way to suggest that this action in itself is all that is needed at this time. 

Resources Developed by and for People of Color 

Black Joy Booklist for Children and Young Adults , opens a new window(blog post by Senior Library Services Assistant Alia Jones) 

5 minute reads

How to Cope with Race-Based Trauma, opens a new window (Teen Vogue) 

Tips for Self-Care: When Police Brutality Has You Questioning Humanity and Social Media is Enough, opens a new window (The Root) 

15 minute reads or viewings

How to Cope with Race-Related Stress and Trauma as a Person of Color, opens a new window (University of Arkansas) 16 minute video  

30 minute reads or listening

Addressing Historical Trauma, opens a new window (Black Boys & Men Changing the Narrative) – 31 minute podcast 

Resilience and Steps Forward, opens a new window (Black Boys & Men Changing the Narrative) – 30 minute podcast 

Self-Care Toolkit , opens a new window(Association of Black Psychologists) 

Back To Natural, Gillian Scott Ward (Library DVD) 

The Forgetting Tree, opens a new window, Rae Paris (Library Book) 

The Racial Healing Handbook, opens a new window, Jane Hoyt-Oliver (Library Audiobook) 

Local Contacts

Mental Health Information, Referrals, and Support Groups, opens a new window (NAMI of Southwest Ohio) 

Racial Identity Therapists in Cincinnati, opens a new window (Psychology Today)  

Funding and Support for Wellness and Mental Health 

The Loveland Foundation, opens a new window (therapy fund for Black women and girls), opens a new window

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, opens a new window

General Resources on Coping with Anxiety and Stress 

4 Coping Tips for Managing Your Anxiety in these Uncertain Times, opens a new window (Healthline) 

Building Your Resilience, opens a new window (American Psychological Association) 

How Stress Affects Your Health, opens a new window (American Psychological Association) 

Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress, opens a new window (Anxiety & Depression Association of America) 

For resources relating to understanding racism and engaging in the practice of anti-racism please visit this blog post, opens a new window