Paint Like Picasso, Try Stand-Up, and More at the Library

Written by the Adult Learning Center Staff, Education and Homework Support, Downtown Main Library

Shake up your summer with free events bound to spark your curiosity and help you unwind! CHPL’s Adult Learning Center’s unique events for adults will help you make new friends through a conversation group, learn a new hobby, or even get behind the mic at stand-up comedy!

Paint Like the Masters

You’ll find a little bit of art history and plenty of painting at “Paint Like the Masters.” Each week throughout summer you’ll examine a work of art and try your hand at copying the artists’ masterpieces. All supplies are provided for free, so all you need to bring is your artistic inspiration!

“It’s a great learning experience, a wonderful way to be inspired, and a way to honor an artist who you enjoy. It allows you to learn about great artists while also developing their art skill!” Nicole Powers, Adult Learning Center Specialist.

Attend the next “Painting Like the Masters” class on June 23, opens a new window where you’ll be immersed in painting Van Gogh’s notable still life Sunflowers series.

So, You Want To Try Stand-up Comedy

What does it take to tell a joke? Local Cincinnati Comedian and CHPL Adult Learning Specialist, Agustin Sanchez, deconstructs will share how everyone can bring humor into their lives by reflecting on past experiences. You'll also get a chance to tell your jokes during the event!

“Library customers will like this class because, as adults, we live in a very serious world. Jokes—especially because they tend to harp on lived experiences—help to make everyday lives just a little better.” Agustin Sanchez, Adult Learning Specialist.

Sign up, opens a new window for this weekly virtual event each Tuesday.

Universal Class & Creative Bug

Have fun (and stay cool) with indoor activities and hobbies keeping you busy long into winter! At this virtual event, you'll learn everything you need to know about Universal Class, opens a new window and Creative Bug, opens a new window, both available for free with your library card.

“Crafting with Creative Bug is a very relaxing experience! You learn all sorts of techniques and then can try them out yourself. Especially when it’s uncomfortable outside, you can still enjoy doing something fun." Keith Armour, Education and Homework Support Manager.

Register, opens a new window to attend this virtual presentation on July 13.

The Four Agreements

How can we make the important relationships in our lives just a little bit better? In our fast-paced world, it’s difficult to slow down and think about what matters most to us. Based on the book “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom,” this class will discuss principles that we ought to live by.

“This class was created so you can explore the essential elements in sustaining a healthy relationship not only with yourself but with others” Andrew Campbell, Adult Learning Center Specialist.

Sign up for this weekly event, opens a new window taking place from July 11 through August 8.

Breaking the Silence: A Class of Conversation

Let’s Talk! Seriously, let’s talk! Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's become harder to connect with others and meet new people. In this class, reclaim the art of conversation by refining your listening and talking skills. Explore techniques that can help you become an active listener and engaging speaker. You're sure to learn a lot about each other as you discuss topics ranging from food, sports, and other hobbies.        

“I created this class because I noticed how hard it had become to connect—especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to provide a forum where customers can connect with one another while also reflecting on their life and sharing their stories.” Roop Patel, Adult Learning Center Specialist.   

Register, opens a new window for this free, online event on June 23.

How to Write a Cover Letter – Yes, You Need One!

It’s true. A cover letter is a must for landing your next job. Get your application past pesky applicant tracking software and into the hands of the hiring manager with tips about how to identify and integrate keywords from job descriptions and how to structure your cover letter.  

“Cover letters are often your first opportunity to connect with a hiring manager, highlight your unique qualifications for a job, and demonstrate your enthusiasm so don’t miss out on the chance to make a great first impression! This class is for everyone, whether you are writing your first cover letter or your hundredth.” Alyssa Maycock, Adult Learning Center Assistant.  

This class, opens a new window is one part of our Career 101 series, opens a new window, so mark your calendar for future classes to help sharpen your resume, interview technique, and business emails.These events are just the start of what you can try this summer at the Library. Explore all the events in CHPL’s Adult Learning Center’s Explore 101 series – including sign language, career services, and much more!

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let us know in the comments below!