Top 10 “Feel Good Friday” Moments at the Library

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Downtown Main Library

Every Friday, all of social media convenes to share good stories, news, and photos to mark reaching (in our opinion) the best day of the week. From time to time, CHPL joins in this weekly celebration on our social media channels, sharing feel-good stories submitted by staff and customers. 

Check out the top 10 most popular #FeelGoodFriday stories posted on CHPL's social media accounts all the way to our highest-liked Feel-Good Friday story.   

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10. Landing a Dream Job

What better way to end the week than to hear you got the new job you wanted? After completing a resume, searching for jobs, and preparing for interviews with the help of CHPL staff, opens a new window, this customer was able to land the position they were looking for. 

9. Your Friendly, Neighborhood Library

This customer’s place to celebrate Feel-Good Friday was at their Library, complete with snacks, computers, book clubs, craft classes, and so much more! 

8. It's a Grade A Friday

CHPL’s Homework Help program provides no-cost, walk-in, one-on-one homework help in reading and math – and this student credits this program on making Honor Roll! 

7. Is It Homework Time Yet?!

Speaking of homework, the Harrison Branch Homework Help program makes after-school assignments so much fun that kids can’t wait to do them. Take note, parents! 

6. The Library's Newest 99-Year-Old Customer

The Monfort Heights Branch recently gained its newest cardholder – and they were excited to show off their new card! Want to get your own to show off? Get a free Library card today. 

5. Going on a Library Shopping Spree

You never forget getting your first library card. These kids doubled the fun by signing up for Discover Summer, too! 

4. Passing with Flying Colors

Need to study for an upcoming test? Take it from this customer – reserving a free study room at the library could be the key to acing that exam. 

3. "Hello!" "Cześć!"

Next time you go to storytime, you might just hear a little Polish!  

2. Who Dey!

It’s never too late to be a Bengals fan. Luckily, the Library has plenty of books to teach you the entire “Who Dey” chant as the Bengals make their way to the 2025 Superbowl (we’re calling it now!).  

1. "I can always count on my library!"

Whenever you’re looking for information or resources, take it from this customer: you can count on your library. 

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