Horace Walpole Begins New Season of Warlock Vorobok Reads

Written by Adam Vorobok, Reference Librarian, Downtown Main Library 

Join Warlock Vorobok as he kicks off a new season of this supernatural podcast! The Library’s resident warlock has read some of the scariest poems containing supernatural elements in the last two years. This season, Warlock Vorobok is returning to his roots with short stories taking you where no living being dares to tread. Gather round as the warlock reads an excerpt from the first Gothic novel, “The Castle of Otranto.” Written in 1764, this slim novel would be the start of so many nightmares to come.

Recommended Reading from CHPL’s Resident Warlock

In each episode this season, Warlock Vorobok shares his frightening favorites to read and watch, which align with his monthly ghoulish guest and can be checked out with your Library card!

If you’re looking for a more recently published gothic novel, look no further than “Mexican Gothic,” complete with a house that haunts your dreams, a strong female protagonist, a mysterious family past, and mushrooms! 

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