Become spellbound by the new Library podcast ‘Warlock Vorobok Reads’

Written by Adam Vorobok (aka Warlock Vorobok), Reference Librarian, Downtown Main Library 

You may have seen me garbed in a purple robe with black and white trimmings, a pointed hat half-cocked on my head. You may have heard me recite strange stories at Washington Park or CliftonFest, my voice flickering supernatural syllables like flames amid burning logs. My name is Warlock Vorobok and I present the Library's newest podcast: Warlock Vorobok Reads, opens a new window

Every month, this storytime for grownups podcast transmits one fantastical, shiver-inducing tale straight to your ears for you to listen to in the dark…or with a light on if need be. Perhaps you will remember sitting around a campfire as a kid listening to a grown-up whisper a tale as the flames leapt higher into the darkness and the trees seemed to creep a little closer.  

Warlock Vorobok Reads is a podcast aiming to recapture that thrilling atmosphere for this digital age. 

The roots of this podcast stem from two things: my love of oral storytelling and my annual Campfire Classics, opens a new window Library program. From hamming up Shakespeare lines in English class to making up stories during sleepovers with friends, I have delighted in reading out loud. My Campfire Classics program allows me to do just that, so it was only natural to move this idea onto a popular digital platform: the podcast.  

To kick off the first episode, I read a well-loved American classic, “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. Originally published in 1843 and revised in 1845, this short Gothic masterpiece has inspired hair-tingling shivers (and many imitators) for 175 years.  

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for monthly chills. Check out our downloadable apps like Libby, opens a new window for more Edgar Allan Poe stories. And schedule a My Librarian , opens a new windowappointment with the Warlock if you would like some further horror recommendations!