Educators are entitled to a library card with special borrowing privileges.

Educator Card holders may:

  • Have up to 200 items (except DVDs) checked out on the card
  • Request a teacher collection in person, by phone, fax, or online. In two weeks, pick up the teacher collection at the library of your choice
  • Have monthly collections delivered to your school (ask your children’s librarian for details)
  • Apply for an educator card feature that allows access to classroom sets of downloadable materials.

Who is an "Educator?"

  • Instructors at any grade level, including early childhood, substitute and student teachers
  • School or institutional librarians
  • Home school instructors
  • Certified Type B in-home childcare providers
  • Other verifiable educational employees as determined by Library staff
  • Adult daycare workers

We are unable to provide an Educator Card to volunteers.

To obtain a new Educator Card you must:

  • Live in Ohio or work in an educational setting in Ohio
  • Verify your identity with a current photo ID
  • Verify your employment with one of the following, dated for the current school year:
    • Letter signed by school/institution head on school/organization letterhead
    • Organization identification card
    • Employee identification badge
    • Paycheck stub
    • Home school certification letter from the superintendent of the school district of residence (per the Ohio Administrative Code)
    • The school website may be used to verify employment
  • Verify your home address with one of the following:
    • Driver’s license
    • State identification card
    • Pre-printed personal check with name and current address
    • Current (Less than a month old) pre-printed rent receipt or mortgage statement
    • Current (Less than a month old) utility bill with name and address (Utility Bills can include phone, gas, water, electric, or cable bills)
    • Current (Less than a month old) paycheck stub with name and address
    • Current (Less than a month old) bank statement with name and address
    • Vehicle Registration, Post Office Verification of new address, government issued IDs (military, parole, etc.), court ordered papers

If you have excessive overdue materials or fines on your personal library card, you will not qualify for an Educator Card.

Apply for an Educator Card

Educator Cards expire September 15 and may be renewed when you:

  • Verify your home address
  • Verify your employment
  • Demonstrate that your Educator and Personal Cards have no excessive fines or overdue materials

Please Note

  • Materials will not accumulate fines but will become overdue after the final renewal date
  • Your Educator Card privileges may be suspended if:
    • Items on the card become nonrenewable for any reason
    • Qualifications for use of an Educator Card are no longer met
  • Your Educator Card allows you to add depth and breadth to your curriculum.
  • Videos and DVDs may not be borrowed on an educator card.
  • Your Personal Card allows you to take advantage of all other library services
  • Downloadable classroom sets are available. Please ask staff for details.

Contact your children’s librarian for additional information about Educator Cards.

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