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Capital Maintenance Projects

There are 3 categories of projects that fall under capital maintenance.

End of Lifecycle Replacements

2020 Lifecycle Replacements:

  • Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems and lighting at the North Central Branch Library

The first category of capital maintenance is systems that are at the end of their lifecycle. These involve systems that directly impact keeping the facility safe, warm, and dry or are extremely inefficient to operation.

In 2020 we will be replacing the HVAC system and upgrading lighting at North Central. The budget for this project is $770,000 and will be out for bid in February with work beginning in the spring. There are several other HVAC replacements planned for between 2021 and 2024 which include College Hill, Mariemont, Mt. Washington, and Wyoming.

Capital Repairs

2020 Capital Repairs:

  • Tuck pointing (repairing the brick and mortar on the building) and painting the Northside Branch Library
  • Tuck pointing and painting the Pleasant Ridge Branch Library
  • Waterproofing the Avondale Branch Library
  • Unplanned: Repair and relocation of a water pump at the Anderson Branch Library

The second category of capital maintenance is capital repairs. This includes both planned and unplanned repairs that are necessary to prevent additional deterioration or damage to the property. The Facility Master Plan includes a contingency to address these projects as needed.

In 2020 these planned projects include tuck pointing and painting at Northside and Pleasant Ridge and waterproofing at Avondale. The preliminary budget for these 3 projects is $600,000. We hope to select a design professional using the annual pool of submissions in the next month with project design in the spring and bidding this summer.

One unplanned project that has come up is the repair and relocation of a water pump at Anderson. The repair is expected to exceed the public bidding threshold of $50,000. We are working with engineers to outline the scope and hope to have this ready for bid in April.

Branch Refreshes

2020 Branch Refreshes:

  • Carpet, paint and furniture at the College Hill Branch Library (spring 2020)
  • Carpet, paint and furniture at the Elmwood Place Branch Library (spring 2020)
  • Carpet, paint and furniture at the Madeira Branch Library (spring 2020)
  • More as funding and timing allow

The third type of capital maintenance is replacement of carpet, paint, and furniture that has exceeded its useful life. There are 8 locations that have been prioritized for carpet and paint during the first half of the Facility Master Plan - 2020-2024. These include Anderson, Corryville, College Hill, Elmwood Place, Green Township, Groesbeck, Madeira, and Sharonville. These branches were chosen based on a variety of factors which included the age and condition of their current carpet, the intentional decision to spread the work among all service zones, and the level of other improvements they were receiving related to the overall Facility Master Plan.

We plan to begin 3 of these projects – Elmwood Place, College Hill, and Madeira soon and in the interest of maximizing Facility Master Plan funds, these projects will be done by our maintenance staff and overseen by Dave Sehlhorst. After these projects, we will determine if this approach is feasible moving forward. The goal is to begin planning and ordered materials immediately so that these will be complete in advance of Summer Learning. Additional details will be provided to the staff at those locations as they become available.

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