Norwood Project

Norwood Project



Status: Not started
Estimated Completion Date: To be determined
Improvement Category: Strategic Investment
Planning Zone: Central
Estimated Investment: To be determined
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The Norwood Branch Library project is expected to include a strategic investment.

As a Design Project, it is recommended that the Norwood Branch Library undergo a major renovation and small expansion. This is intended to recapture the upper level and give full accessibility to all three levels by incorporating an elevator tower. New ADA restrooms would be added as well. This will increase usable square footage to around 13,300 SF to 16,300 square feet.

2023 update: To date, we have not been able to acquire property despite several attempts. As such, we have elected to defer the project in order to move forward with those projects where more immediate opportunities exist. This does not reflect a lack of interest, but rather a lack of opportunity currently for necessary land acquisition to make the robust renovation and expansion for the Norwood Branch Library

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