Quilt Show

23rd Annual Loveland Branch Library Quilt Show

Thank you for participating in this year's quilt show! Find all the quilts that were featured this year below.

Stay tuned for information about the 24th Annual Loveland Branch Library Quilt Show in 2024!

A Day of All Things Quilting

The 23rd Annual Loveland Branch Library Quilt Show featured beautiful quilts made by members of the community, programming for all ages, and live music!

Gallery Walk Program

Over 30 quilts were featured in this year's quilt show. Check out each quilt's story submitted by the quilters.

1. Charity Quilt - Janis Fogle

Red, black, and white made from scraps left from another baby quilt. Thanks always to my mom, Eileen Williamson for teaching me how to sew when I was 10 years old. She had no idea what a precious gift she gave to me.

2. Charity Quilt - Janis Fogle

Yellow brick road pattern. Made from the scraps of my niece’s wedding quilt. To be donated to New Life Furniture Bank in hopes of bringing its new owner warmth and comfort.

3. Turning Twenty - Phyllis Haeussler

I made this as a comfort quilt which will be donated to a well deserving organization through The Warren County Quilt Guild.

4. Log Cabin - Donna Tyra

This is one of my favorite patterns. I hand pieced it. Hand quilted by Karen Landan of Fort Collins, Co.

5. Quilt Rules - Donna Tyra

I’ve had these embroidered blocks for a while. Found the quilting ladies on e-Bay. I hand pieced. Hand quilted by Karen Landan of Fort Collins, Co.

6. Singing Snow People - Donna Tyra

Another set of blocks I found. The top and bottom is border fabric. I hand pieced. It was hand quilted by Karen Landan of Fort Collins, Co.

7. Appliqued Bird on Point - Betsy Hampton

I enjoy doing applique quilts and this pattern intrigued me because it was “on point.” It went together easily and I loved the finished project!

8. Around the World Wall (hanging) - Betsy Hampton

I love the around the world quilt pattern and my first quilt at age 12 was this pattern. My Granny Hunter helped me to complete the top. A few years ago, I decided to do a smaller version and this was the result!

9. Wonky Log Cabin - Peggy Linne

During my first trip to the Paducah Quilt Show, I took a Wonky Log Cabin class taught by Gwen Marston. This quilt is the result of that class.

10. Prickley Lemon - Abbey Colonel

Last summer, my grandma taught me how to quilt, when I was 9 years old. I picked out the materials.

11. Seminole Sampler - Julie Hotchkiss

I was interested in trying a quilt technique developed by the Seminole tribe. I tried several different patterns.

12. Coral Compass - Julie Hotchkiss

This was a challenge from the Modern Quilt Guild to use particular fabrics.

13. Black and White and Red All Over - Julie Hotchkiss

I made this from scraps from a larger quilt to hang on my mother’s wall to brighten up the room where she lived.

14. African Safari - Madelain Campbell

Love of animals and applique led me to design this quilt as well as others.

15. Family of Bears - Madelain Campbell

Love and animals and applique led me to design this quilt as well as others. A similar pattern is available at Herschner’s.

16. Buttons and Stars - Judy Voluse
17. Shadowy Shapes - Celesta Pyle

The pattern is by Paulette Morrisey and Tes Scholtz. I loved the design and tried it in shades of black and white. My friend Clara Coblentz hand quilted the piece size 28” x 48.”

18. Estes Park, CO - Kathy Stankovic

Paper pieced art quilt of Estes Park, CO “Rocky Mountains.”

19. Half Square Log Cabin - Kathy Stankovic
20. Thinking Outside the Block - Kathy Lavieri

Sandi Cummings book “Thinking Outside the Block” inspired me to try some new techniques using pieces of bright and modern fabrics from my stash.

21. Love Notes - Charlene Brokaw
22. Spring Showers - Charlene Brokaw
23. Teacups - Charlene Brokaw
24. Hocus Pocus Wall (hanging) - Charlene Brokaw
25. Flag Wall (hanging) - Charlene Brokaw
26. Heart Wall (hanging) - Charlene Brokaw
27. Hand quilted Small Wall (hanging) - Charlene Brokaw

Black, small, Amish style hand quilted wall hanging.

28. Goose Tracks - Charlene Brokaw
29. Blue Triangle Mini - Ron Mohring

Many years ago, my mother hand-pieced the center of this quilt. We found it in her cedar chest. I added a border and hand pieced the binding, then hand quilted the quilt.

30. Mid-Century Challenge - Kristen MacCartney

Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman seemed the perfect use of the feature fabrics in the “challenge” bundle I received from the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. Intended as a baby quilt, but I’m keeping it myself!

31. Jennifer’s Spirit - Kristen MacCartney

Original improv pattern designed for a wise and wonderful friend who is both a woman of faith and a dedicated health care professional.

32. Christine’s Dragonfly Forest - Kristen MacCartney

Gifted to one of my favorite people, a friend in Milford, who developed and now nurtures by enjoyment of hiking, nature, and a generally colorful life. An improv take on “Arboretum” by Spring Leaf Studios.

33. Earth’s the Right Place: for Susan - Kristen MacCartney

Gifted to a friend/hiking buddy/Cincinnati Nature Center volunteer in Milford whose enthusiasm for the great outdoors spurred my own. Inspired by the many birch tree tutorials found online and Robert Frost’s “Birches.”

34. Roberta’s Cabin in the Country - Diana Murray and Tonia Hinkle

This log cabin quilt was made for Diana’s mother, Roberta Casebolt, who lived in a cabin style house in Tennessee. During the piecing four hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jean) that hit Central Florida from August-September 2004 leaving residents without electricity for days, Diana and Tonia pieced Grandma’s quilt by plugging their sewing machines into a generator to continue so they could have it ready by Christmas.

35. Full Spectrum of Hope for a Peaceful World - Rebecca Hill


Mini-Quilt Display - Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild

The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild regularly issues “challenges” to its members, to encourage creativity by working with fabrics, colors, tools, techniques and/or designs they might not typically use. In February 2023, we launched the IF THIS SHIRT COULD TALK, aka “Shirt Tales” challenge.

“Shirt Tales” had to include fabric from only one button-down shirt; could have only white, cream, gray, or black quilting cotton or other fabric for background; and had to be a square no smaller than 18×18″ or larger than 24×24.″

Ideally, we wanted members to deconstruct/reconstruct an expendable shirt in their life, perhaps one with a story behind it. Failing that, we recommended local thrift stores as a way to give new purpose to a discarded piece.

Many thanks to the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild whose “I Used to Be a Shirt” project inspired this activity (with their enthusiastic blessing).

Contributing quilters: Maria Cleary, Jennifer Fisher, Julie Hotchkiss, Diane Luebbe, Kristen MacCartney, Janet McPherson, and Erin Schelle.

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