Card & Circulation Policy

The Library Card and Circulation Policy governs all aspects of library cards, their use, and the circulation of

Library cards from the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library provide access to a wide variety of
information and services at the Library. Library cards remain the property of the Library and usage may be
suspended if library policies or rules of conduct are violated.

The Library has numerous card types that are free to applicants of any age who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Are a resident of the State of Ohio or a property owner in Hamilton County.
  • Are associated with a member of an Ohio regional library system as a cardholder from a member library
  • Are a staff member of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  • Are a temporary/transitional resident of Hamilton County

Individuals who do not meet the criteria outlined above may purchase a library card at the price established in the
Library’s Table of Fines and Fees.

Cardholder Responsibilities
Library cardholders are responsible for all activities surrounding the use of their cards, including:

  • Materials checked out on library cards, including those checked out up to the point a card is reported lost or
    stolen. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for guiding the selection of materials by their children under
    the age of 18 and assume responsibility for use of cards for children under the age of 18.
  • Payment of fines and fees. Parents or legal guardians assume responsibility for fines and fees that
    accumulate on the cards of children under the age of 18.
  • Returning materials in good condition. A charge may be assessed for lost or damaged materials, up to the
    cost of the item if lost or damaged beyond repair. Customers may provide a replacement copy in lieu of
    payment for lost items with the approval of library staff. Failure to pay for lost or damaged items will
    result in restricted borrowing privileges.

Loan periods and limits vary according to material format.

Materials Recovery
Accounts of customers with overdue materials may be referred to a materials recovery service. A late fee,
established in the Table of Fines and Fees, is applied to any account turned over to a collection agency for

Retention and Confidentiality of Customer Information
Library card information and customer circulation records are considered confidential as outlined in the
Library’s Confidentiality of Library Patron Record Information and Records Retention Policies.

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