67 Resources for Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day 

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day is to celebrate a lasting culture and heritage built across centuries, enduring through unimaginable hardship, and still alive and vibrant today. Join the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library in honoring the rich tapestry of cultural works by Native Americans through in-person events and resources available for both individuals and book clubs.

Turn Reflection into Action

The Clifton Branch is hosting a "second spring" celebration and evening of poetry readings. Join this outdoor event to hear a reading of Joy Harjo, the first Native American appointed as United States Poet Laureate, and listen to personal works by Pauletta Hansel, Marcus Donaldson, and Cincinnati Poet Laureate Manuel Iris.

Find more information about the event here

Explore Indigenous culture through language with Transparent Language Online, an online language-learning system available to all cardholders. Learn from several Native American languages including Ojibwe, Dakota and Cree.  

A More Truthful History

Look back at the local history of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the partnership preserving and representing the cultural heritage of Indigenous people in Hamilton County here.

Explore and Celebrate

Learning from the lives, voices, and history of Indigenous people helps preserve and grow their culture, the culture that was ripped from them and that they've had to continuously fight to preserve. When picking your next read or movie, consider exploring some of these works. Grow the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day by using the Library’s book club resources.

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