Another Donate Day Is Approaching; How Good of a Donator Are You?

Written by Bobby Minelli, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach for the Friends of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

The Friends of the Library’s Donate Days have been a huge success all year and continue throughout the summer. We thought it might be helpful to give you a little list to remind you how valued you are.

Five Signs You’re Awesome at Donating Used Books (and CDs and DVDs)

You made it through 18 months of a global pandemic.

To say we all experienced an extended spring cleaning would be an understatement. We refocused our priorities, and, of course, we purged. Donate Days are a way to express your support and feel good if…

… you want your gently used books and materials to have a second life.

Your books will make their way into the hands of those who want and need them through sales at The Warehouse and, thanks to the proceeds, through multiple Friends of the Public Library programs that reach out and meet needs within our community. Staff and volunteers are always happy to unload for you and answer questions if … want to learn more about the Friends of the Public Library.

Your presence and generosity create a great opportunity for the Friends to say thank you and tell you more about our work and our important mission. Of course, we don’t have to talk your ear off if simply … are embracing minimalism and getting rid of everything but your phone.

This one is a joke because I mean really, who could live without their phone? In fact, we know that the major reason most folks are awesome at donating is … love the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library!

Donating your books is an easy and effective way to allow the Friends of the Public Library (and ATLA, during their Donate Days) to continue its mission of Library support. Libraries are more than important, they are essential, and Friends are here to support the Library, one used book at a time. We simply couldn’t do that without you.   

The Friends also accepts donations by appointment at The Warehouse in Hartwell (8456 Vine St.) on Wednesdays and Sundays. To make an appointment for a donation drop-off or receive individual attention for high-volume or high-value donations, please email

We appreciate you and your love for the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library.

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