Library Resources Support New-Collar Job Seekers in a COVID Economy and Beyond

Written by Chelsea Gabotero, Education Support Assistant, Adult Learning Center, Downtown Main Library 

Some recent college graduates, like myself, have faced a handful of unexpected hurdles when looking for their first professional jobsFor example, you might have experienced the frustration of looking for entry-level jobs only to discover that most positions requiring your degree also need multiple years of experience.   

The New-Collar Worker 

Meanwhile, there are a plethora of in-demand jobs that don’t require traditional four-year degreesA newer term coined by IBM CEO Ginni Rometty that has increased in usage over the past couple years, new-collar workers are specialistwhose on-the-job experience or training takes place outside a traditional higher ed degreeThis new direction of employment is quickly clearing a path for career paths like: 

  • Database manager 
  • Cybersecurity expert 
  • User interface designer
  • Dental assistant 
  • Ultrasound technicians 
  • Cloud network administrator  

Sign up for the Library’s virtual events Career 101: Rise of the New Collar by visiting our events page.  

Library Resources Connecting You to Work-Ready Credentials 

The Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library allows all cardholders free access to multiple resources that will help you build your training and certifications. Here are just a few of the many available on the Library's education-related databases.  

Now run by LinkedIn, Lynda offers certificates that you can attach right to your LinkedIn profile. These certificates include the areas of SEOnetwork administrationand the programming languages Javascript, Python, and C++. There are even essential graphic design courses to help artists build their portfolios 

O’Reilly for Public Libraries  

O'Reilly's includes learning content and tools on the topics of technology, business, and more. You get unlimited access to 50K+ titles (including O’Reilly books in early release), 30K+ hours of video, case studies from top companies, learning paths, expert playlists, and more—with nearly 1,000 topics in a range of content formats tailored to all levels. 


This resource offers with self-paced courses in web design, app creation, and other highly attractive tech skills. There are a limited number of slots, but if you join the waiting list you’ll be notified when a space becomes free. 

Our Adult Learning Center has a constant rotation of virtual classes where you can brush up on anything from resume writing to interview prep. Visit our events page to sign up for the program that’s right for you.  

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