Resources for Understanding Systemic Racism

The Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library's mission is to connect people to a world of ideas and information. This includes information about complex topics, such as historical racism, white supremacy, and the institutionalized racism within our organizations, including our own.   

Change happens through growth both personal and public. We’ve gathered some resources for those who want to learn more about systemic racism and how they can help combat and dismantle white supremacy and the systems it upholds both here in Cincinnati and across the globe.  

We’ll continue to add to these resources, as well as provide other programming to make sure that this dialogue and self-reflection continues into the future.

Understanding Systemic Racism 

5 minute reads 

Explainer: what is systemic racism and institutional racism?  (The Conversation) 

15 Minute Reads 

The Groundwater Approach (Racial Equity Institute) 

In-Depth Reads and Viewings 

The Color Of Law, Richard Rothstein (book/eBook)

The Warmth of Other Suns, opens a new window, Isabel Wilkerson (book/eBook)

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, opens a new window, Ibram X. Kendi (book/eBook)

Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson (book)  

Just Mercy, opens a new window (movie)  

Social And Systemic Injustice, opens a new window (Kanopy Streaming Video) 

Good White People, opens a new window (YouTube)  

Cincinnati Goddamn, opens a new window (Wex Center for the Arts streaming video) 

Systemic Racism Explained, opens a new window (ACT TV)  

Anti-racist Reading List, opens a new window (Overdrive)  

5 Ways to Disrupt Racism, opens a new window (YouTube)

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, opens a new window (YouTube)

Local Resources To Be Aware Of And To Follow 

All-In Cincinnati, opens a new window (Greater Cincinnati Foundation) 

Cincinnati Black United Front, opens a new window (Local Media Report) 

Cincinnati Police Collaborative Agreement Refresh (City of Cincinnati) 

Citizen Complaint Authority, opens a new window (Local Media Report) 

Protests And The Pandemic: Recommendations For A More Equitable Cincinnati , opens a new window(Ohio Justice & Policy Center) 

Racial Equity Matters, opens a new window (Greater Cincinnati Foundation) 

Mass Action for Black Liberation , opens a new window (Local Activist Organization) 

For Parents 

How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race, opens a new window  (HuffPost) 

Where to Find Diverse Children's Books , opens a new window(Embrace Race)   

The Conscious Kid , opens a new window

Here Wee Read, opens a new window

Woke Kindergarten, opens a new window

Raising Rebels , opens a new window(Podcast)

See What We See (Database)

Talking About Race , opens a new window(National Museum of African American History & Culture)

For resources geared specifically towards People of Color healing from racial trauma, please visit our other blog post, opens a new window