Urban Fiction Book Club is Back!

Written by Tasha Campbell, West End Branch, Urban Fiction Book Club member

It's that time of year again. Summer is winding down and fall is around the corner. Picture this: It’s getting late and it’s 54 degrees. You’re not willing to brave the chill outside, but you are looking for something to rid you of your boredom.

Look no further! I have the answer you've been seeking. At 7 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month, the Urban Fiction Book Club meets on Zoom to discuss a little street literature. We have lively discussions, and everyone is respectful of each other's point of view.

If snuggling up with a good book is your favorite pastime and you're looking to share your thoughts with other urban fiction readers, please join us. The selection for Aug. 26 is War by T. Styles. See upcoming selections below. We look forward to having great discussions with you. See you soon.

Meeting Times & Dates

  • Aug. 26  War by Toy Styles
    Raised in complete poverty, 14-year-old Banks Wales' world is rocked when his mother is murdered. If not for his best friend Mason, the son of a kingpin, Banks would be alone. One rich, the other poor, the two do their best to stay alive and navigate the murderous streets of Baltimore.
  • Sept. 30 Heart of A Man by DeLisa J. Bracy
    Izrael Washington is a former street hustler who evolved into a successful businessman as the owner of the hottest nightspot, Club IZ. His love life is flipped upside down after the unlikely encounter with a strikingly beautiful woman. Not prepared for the derailment, Izrael dives headfirst into a romantic relationship with the woman while battling a contender, the defense mechanism he built against women. He vowed to never again allow one to infiltrate his emotions. The chain lock is opened on his heart after he unburies the key by easily taking the chance in love again. Woman after woman he exhausted for his sexual pleasure only, but now Izrael suddenly finds himself madly in love. Will that love find and keep him? Or will it be his demise? The war of love accompanied with the battles, deception, secrets, and loss all force Izrael to expose the heart of a man.
  • Oct. 28 Wrath by K’wan
    From the neighborhood bullies to the stepfather who uses him and his siblings as punching bags, Jonas "Wrath" Rafferty's life has been one battle after another. Rogue homicide detective Louis "Lou" Ceavers offers him a bargain that will change the course of his life, and Jonas goes from errand boy and street muscle to one of the most dangerous young men in the city. Then Alex, his childhood crush, comes home on break from college and gives him a glimpse of the one thing he's always craved more than money and power: love. When Alex becomes pregnant, Wrath wants to be there for her and his unborn child. Seeking to end his arrangement with the detective, Wrath learns no bargain comes without a price.
  • Nov. 18 Collateral by De’nesha Diamond
    With her name finally cleared of a murder charge, Abrianna Parker can, at last, marry her partner, Kadir Kahlifa. But the two have barely shared the news with their team of street rebels and digital revolutionaries when a disturbing disappearance throws everything off course. A reporter is missing, but not just any reporter: Tomi Lehane, whose articles exposed Abrianna's parents and the shadow group behind the experiments that changed her life. Now Abrianna must decide if she will put aside her plans in order to save the woman who nearly cost her everything.

Join the Urban Fiction Book Club, currently meeting monthly via Zoom, by registering on our events page or by calling 513-369-6900. Book club selections are always available to cardholders—no waiting, no holds!