The Queen of Gothic Fiction Returns to Warlock Vorobok Reads

Written by Adam Vorobok, Reference Librarian, Downtown Main Library

Brace yourself for gloomy castles, ghostly apparitions, and gruesome corpses! This new season of Warlock Vorobok Reads features scary good short stories, starting with the queen of Gothic literature, Ann Radcliffe. Radcliffe returns from the void to join the podcast after sharing her supernatural writings with the Library’s resident warlock on the March 2022 episode. This time, Warlock Vorobok shares her 18th-century masterpiece, “The Mysteries of Udolpho.”

Recommended Reading from CHPL’s Resident Warlock

In each episode this season, Warlock Vorobok shares his frightening favorites to read and watch, which align with his monthly ghoulish guest and can be checked out with your Library card!

This month, we invite you to explore these carefully selected Italian horror picks. They are not only in perfect company with the gloomy castle of Udolpho, but also serve as a chilling backdrop to the podcast. Dive into the terrifying worlds of Deep Red and Suspiria, two films directed by Italian horror-master Dario Argento. And when you’ve recovered from the frights of those films, delve into the eerie pages of “The Twenty Days of Turin” by Italian novelist Giorgio de Maria.

Stay tuned for a new episode each month, as Warlock Vorobok's voice echoes through the void, beckoning you to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.