Human Library new to region, needs “books”

CINCINNATI — Volunteer “books” are still needed to create a unique and new-to-Cincinnati “human library.” 

WHO:  Any person with a unique perspective to share with others 
WHAT:  Human Library needs volunteer “people books” 
WHY:  Build community conversation, civility and dialogue to foster understanding between people with differing life experiences 
WHEN:  Deadline to apply is October 15; event happens November 12 
WHERE:  All Saints Episcopal Church (map)     

6301 Parkman Place (45213) 

NOTE: Location is approximately a 700-foot walk from the Pleasant Ridge Branch, which is currently under construction. 

Modeled after a program begun in Denmark, the Human Library is an opportunity for Library customers to pair up with a "Human Book" and "check out" the person for about 20 minutes. The "books" are actually people.  

These are people books with stories to tell, and typically the best "books" are people who have been judged by others for some aspect of their personality or life. Examples might include a Person of Color, someone who overcame a significant hardship, an immigrant, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a military veteran, a religious convert, a political activist, etc. If a person believes their experience is unique and feel comfortable sharing it, that’s the perfect “human book.” 

To volunteer, a human book must attend a training session to learn from other human books from around the world and practice for the event. Then, the books must be available for at least two hours during the November event. The deadline to volunteer is October 15, 2022. 

In partnership with Community Happens Here, The Human Library is coming to CHPL on November 12, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Pleasant Ridge Branch Library.  

If you’d like to volunteer, contact the Pleasant Ridge Branch Library at or call (513) 369-4488, option 2 or call Community Happens Here at (513) 666-1209.