Nonprofit Projects

Nonprofit Projects

Top 4 MakerSpace Stations for Nonprofit Projects

Eager to use MakerSpace for your nonprofit project but not sure which equipment suits your needs? Our dedicated MakerSpace staff offers these recommendations.

1. Photography/Video Station

Need to make a commercial without a big budget? The MakerSpace has everything you need. From a camera to a backdrop to a photo printer (where every 8.5 x 11-inch  print is only $.25), the photo area has it all.

Sample projects: We’ve seen an entire YouTube series filmed in the space as well as  portraits taken using our tripod and camera. Also, even if you have no idea how to use a green screen, the employees in the MakerSpace are there to show you how to edit your photos and videos into any backdrop you want.

2. Audio Recording Station

Recording sessions can be expensive but in the MakerSpace, our recording booth is free to use. Patrons can use the booth for two hours, giving everyone sound dampening booth unlimited access to Adobe Audition for recording and editing any type of audio.

Sample projects: Need to create a commercial for the radio? This is the place to do it. Or maybe you want to start your own podcast? The recording booth is perfect for beginners all way up to advanced users.

3. Digital Creation Station

Using the free software loaded on the Digital Creation Stations, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, anyone can spruce up their marketing materials to be truly eye catching. From designing new logos to removing unwanted backgrounds in a photo, the Digital Creation Stations have everything you need to manipulate many types of digital media.

Sample project: Marketing material design

4. UV Printer

The UV Printer in the Makerspace is the most popular machine for making gifts and handouts.

Sample projects: Projects range from customized plaques for awards or retirees to personalized labels for gift boxes. The UV printer gives users the ability to make their products stand out on material that ranges from marble to plastic to glass.

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