School or Personal Projects

School or Personal Projects

Top 4 MakerSpace Tools  for School or Personal Projects

Eager to use MakerSpace for your personal or school project but not sure which equipment will suit your needs? Our dedicated MakerSpace staff offers these recommendations.

1. Button Maker

Our button makers are easy-to-use machines that first-time users will be able to easily operate after a quick tutorial. While the button makers are popular, we have plenty and there is almost always one available to use.

Sample projects: Our button makers have been used to make campaign buttons, buttons to advertise small businesses, and fun buttons to give out as presents.

2. Vinyl Printer

Whether you just need a handful of stickers or a 20 foot long banner, the vinyl printer is the machine for you.

Sample projects: Do you have a birthday coming up? Come to the MakerSpace to print a custom birthday banner for the party! Customers have created stickers to celebrate the adoption of a new pet, window clings to show support for an alma mater, and beautiful, glossy photos printed out and hung in art galleries around town.

3. Media Conversion Station

While many adults are fascinated and confused when they see a laser engraver or a 3D printer for the first time, we have confused more than a few children when we showed them the VCR we use for the conversion station. The conversion station allows you to convert film slides into digital files, take the audio off a cassette tape and make it into an MP3, or pop a VHS in the VCR to convert the analog video into a digital movie.

Sample projects: We’ve seen wedding videos converted, a cassette tape from the '80's converted before it disintegrated, and countless negatives from family vacations scanned before the negatives could be lost.

4. 3D Printer

Want to create something from nothing? Then try one of Makerspace's two 3D printers. (MakerSpace also has special CAD software to create your from-scratch design, or you can browse already-designed projects on websites like

Sample projects: Customers have created everything from fun figurines, opens a new window, scientific models, gears, and even pots for their house plants.

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