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Media Conversion Station

Our media conversion equipment can take your physical memories and make them digital. VHS tapes, cassettes, vinyl records, film negatives, slides, photos, and documents can all be converted to digital files in just a few simple steps.

Photo of the conversion station


  • Convert music from cassette tapes or vinyl records to MP3 or CD
  • Convert video from VHS tapes to digital (WMV, AVI) or DVD
  • Convert 35mm slides, negatives, documents, and photos to digital (JPG, PDF)
  • Convert 8mm and Super 8 reels to an MP4 (without sound). Available only at the Downtown Main Library.

What You'll Need

Use of the media conversion station is free. You’ll need something to store your converted media on. Available for purchase are 8GB flash drives. Cassette, record, and VHS conversion are all done in real time—meaning a 90-minute VHS takes 90 minutes to convert. Once your file is converted, audio and video editing software is available if you would like to add additional effects.


  • 8GB flash drive: $5
  • CDs or DVDs: $0.25

Station Reservations

Please note:

  • Customers are permitted one 120-minute session per day.
  • There is a 10-minute grace period before reservations are automatically cancelled.
  • The computer shuts off and erases all data stored to it when a session expires.
  • Reservations can be made up to six weeks in advance.
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