Large-Format Scanner

Thanks to a generous donation from the LaMacchia Family Foundation, the Downtown Main Library MakerSpace provides a state-of-the-art large-format scanner to its collection of specialized machines that help bring creative visions to life.

The IQ Flex scanner features a maximum standard sheet size of 24 x 18 inches, with the ability to scan images up to double that size thanks to its stitching capability. It also can create scans with an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.

Photo of the larger format scanner


  • Save directly to a flash drive, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Operate, edit, annotate, and mark up scans right from the built-in screen.
  • Split, number, and save numerous documents such as books, photos, and posters.
  • Save as PDF, TIFF or JPEG.
  • Maximum dimensions are 26 x 46 x 8 inches
  • Maximum weight is 22 pounds.

What You’ll Need

Use of the large format scanner is free. Bring a flash drive to save projects, or save them to an email or directly to the internet.

Station Reservations

Please note:

  • Customers are permitted one 120-minute session per day.
  • There is a 10-minute grace period before reservations are automatically cancelled.
  • Reservations can be made up to six weeks in advance.
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