Plant a Tree for Free This Arbor Day

For the past 20 years, CHPL has partnered with the Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship, opens a new window (OVFF) to distribute free trees to community members in honor of Arbor Day. This year, you can pick up a free swamp white oak seedling to plant in your home or community beginning Saturday, April 10 while supplies last.  

The trees help to cool the planet and clean the air, said Tom Boein, president of OVFF. “Very simply, they shade the ground and give off oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide. And planting a tree helps everyone to connect with nature when they can watch their tree grow. During the first year, it is very important to help the tree seedling take root by keeping it watered. Each swamp white oak tree seedling has planting instructions and information about the type of tree. They are a great type of tree for wildlife. 

Five Fun Facts about Swamp White Oak Trees  

  1. The swamp white oak grows to a height of 50–60 feet and a spread of 50–60 feet at maturity. 
  2. They grow just as well in an urban as a suburban setting. 
  3. They are a great choice for either a shade or street tree. 
  4. They can live more than 300 years. 
  5. They produce fall colors in shades of yellow, bronze, and red-purple. 


We’re proud to partner with OVFF to help in their mission of “more trees!” You can learn more about the swamp white oak tree by visiting our catalog or our science and nature research databases