Pre-HSE Test Prep for Adults Is Free and Fun with the Library

Written by Chelsea Gabotero, Education & Home Homework Support Assistant, Downtown Main Library  

Do you have the drive and work ethic of a successful adult but can’t seem to reach your goals because you never graduated from high school? Maybe life has gotten in the way and you are ready to get back on track making more money while feeling accomplished. If you are ready to change your life and you have library card, we encourage you to sign up to use our recently- acquired Pre-High School Equivalency (Pre-HSE) test prep software. 

The New Readers Press Pre-HSE software is free to use with your library card and works anywhere with an internet connection!

How To Sign Up For Access 

Fill out the application on our website with your email address and library card number on this pageand you will receive a response within two days informing you that you’re enrolled or that you're on the waitlist. Everyone who is enrolled gets six weeks to use our service to study for the HSE, provided they log in at least once a week!

Great, You Have Access! 

Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email from New Reader Press as well as an email from the Library’s Adult Learning Center. If you have an Android phone, you also can access your New Reader Press account by downloading the New Readers Press Pre-HSE app. Unfortunately, an app for iPhones is not available.   

You have six weeks to test your knowledge of high school-level math, social studies, science, reading, and writing. These four courses are accessible via a menu at the top of the screen. Switch between each to study at least once a week. Be aware that if your account remains inactive for three weeks it is deactivated. An email is sent out during the third week of inactivity to remind you. You also are reminded when your session is almost over. 

If an account deactivates, you can sign up again and be placed on the waitlist. We have 25 available seats at a time, so it is important that you use an account once activated. If you are deactivated and later reactivated, you can start where you left off.  

This Pre-High School Equivalency Software Really Helps! 

Each of the courses begins with a practice test to ensure the user’s comprehension of how the course works. Following this is a placement test to identify the user’s strengths and weaknesses. The personalized course zeroes in on where the user needs to improve.  

The test prep is like a game with awards for many completions like logging in often and completing the introductory work. The lessons include an interactive textbook that allows users to highlight and bookmark. Flashcards, practice questions, and tests come with these lessons. There also are games that revolve around flashcards.  

What better time to start a new journey than now? The Library is here to assist you in your goal of getting a high school equivalency diploma. Our Library branches offer free WiFi for your personal device, desktop computer access, and some branches even offer laptop kiosks. Additionally, if you need help choosing which High School Equivalency Exam to pursue, CHPL's Adult Learning Center offers a class on this topic.  

If you have questions about the New Readers Press Pre-HSE software, please contact the administrator of this service at

New Readers Press licenses are supported, in part, from a generous contribution from The Johnson Foundation,, opens a new window through The Library Foundation.