Bedtime Is the Right Time to Use CHPL’s Audiobook Apps

Written by Lisa Mauch, Content Specialist, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

Bedtime should be the most relaxing time of the day, but sadly, it rarely is. Kids are going crazy, pets want attention, work projects are running over, there are a ton of things to worry about for tomorrow…and on and on. Reading is one of the activities recommended to help you wind down and quiet your mind for a restful night’s sleep. And library cardholders can take advantage of making this process even easier.

Libby Sleep Timer

No one likes to lose their place while reading, especially when they’ve fallen asleep listening to a good book. With the Libby app, you just tap the moon icon at the top right of the audiobook player to set or stop the sleep timer. It gives you an option to select a time between five to 120 minutes or stop at the end of the chapter. Libby also remembers sleep timer choices. That way, you can just tap the moon icon to set the same timer again.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed Adults

When was the last time you truly enjoyed a good night's sleep? When was the last time you woke up energized and ready to seize the day? If you keep tossing and turning at night, maybe stress isn’t letting you close your eyes. There's a reason psychologists and child experts suggest reading a bedtime story to kids to help them sleep. Listening to a soothing, relaxing, and fun story before you close your eyes can help you unwind faster and enjoy deeper sleep.

Developed by the experts at the Mindfulness Habits Team, Bedtime Stories for Stressed Adults audiobooks are stories for adults to help them develop a healthy sleep habit and enable them to release troubles, anxieties, and worries from their minds.

Bedtime Stories for Busy Adults

Picture this. It’s bedtime but the kids won’t go down. And you need to take the dog for his evening walk. Dishes and laundry are piled up and there’s still that presentation you need to go over for work tomorrow. Who has time to unwind over a good book?

Studies have shown that bedtime stories can help adults unwind, fall asleep faster, and wake up more focused. People who invest time in bedtime stories and bedtime relaxation are more productive and have more energy throughout the day. That’s why Bedtime Stories for Busy Adults audiobooks is a series of bedtime listening that is only around five minutes long. Perfect for the hectic adult to squeeze in so they can fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed to face another busy day.

Get started with Overdrive, Libby, or CHPL’s other lending apps today.