Celebrate Opening Day with a Custom Library Baseball Card

Written by Joe Armstrong, Content Specialist, Downtown Main Library

The first home game of the 2024 Major League Baseball season starts March 28 for the Cincinnati Reds and with it comes Cincinnati’s Opening Day celebrations. This season, you can show off your stats in true baseball fashion with custom baseball cards.

Show Off Your Stats

Do you have Hall of Fame-worthy records like an unapparelled number of Books Borrowed per year? Print off this template, attach a photo (or draw yourself!), and add your stats. Then, share your baseball cards online and tag us @cincylibrary!

Click to Download Card Template

The Big “Read” Machine

Catch up on Cincinnati Reds history from its founding in 1881, through their five World Series championships, to the current team with print and digital materials. Visit the Digital Library to explore historical images of Crossley Field or relive the Big Red Machine with this staff list of materials honoring legendary Reds player Joe Morgan.

Play Ball! (How Do We Do That, Exactly?)

Not sure what rounding third and headed for home means? Between "ace", "can of corn", "pickle", and "high cheese", baseball lingo can be hard to follow. Brush up on the basics with these books to show you the difference between a "two-seamer" and a "cutter."

High and Inside

Or if you prefer to leave the "Moneyball"-speak to the diehard statistic trackers, get in the baseball spirit with movies available to stream or on DVDs, to make a fan out of anyone.

Angels in the Outfield

What is your prediction for the Reds this season? Let us know in the comments below!