Free university-level courses from the Library

Written by Rebecca Quinones, Materials Selection Librarian, Downtown Main Library

Do you like to learn? Are you unsure where to go for free university-level courses? From parenting strategies to business skills to history courses and more, you can get them all from the Library with the Great Courses series. The DVDs offer visual aids and lecture viewing, while the audiobook versions are perfect for car rides. 

Check out our assortment of new or popular Great Courses titles below. Happy learning!

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit, opens a new window      


Lectures include: “Understanding your Market,” “Picking your Business Structure,” “Income Statements and Balance Sheets,” “How to Finance your Business,” and 20 more lessons.

Dog Training 101, opens a new window     


Lectures include: “Getting the Behavior: Sit and Down,” “On the Road: Training in Public Spaces,” “Impulse Control: Leave It, Wait, Leash Walking,” “Husbandry: Limb Handling and Toothbrushing,” “Managing Barking,” and 19 more lessons. 

Building a Better Vocabulary, opens a new window    


Lectures include: “The Spelling-Meaning Connection,” “Going beyond Dictionary Meanings,” “Cranky Words and Cool Words,” “A Vocabulary Grab Bag,” and 32 more lessons.

The Aging Brain, opens a new window    


Lectures include: “Aging and Brain Structure,” “Strategies for an Aging Memory,” “Aging Well: Diet and Stress,” and 9 more lessons.

History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective, opens a new window   


Lectures include: “Cultures of the Ancient Near East,” “The Vedic Age of Ancient India,” “Athens and Experiments in Democracy,” “Shi Huangdi – First Emperor of China,” “Pots and Pyramids – Moche and Teotihuacán,” “Charlemagne – Father of Europe,” and 42 more lessons.

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