Hyde Park woman downloads 10 millionth item from Overdrive

Written by Angela Hursh

Something magical happened on Wednesday, Jan. 30 at about 6:30 p.m. It may have seemed like a typical weeknight to you but one Hyde Park woman set a record by simply downloading an audiobook from the Library’s eBranch and Overdrive.

26-year-old Catherine Wurtzler downloaded Half Magic by Edward Eager and earned a place in history by checking out the Library’s 10 millionth item on Overdrive, one of our most popular digital Library offerings. For her accomplishment, Wurtzler was invited to the Main Library on Friday, Feb. 15 to receive a certificate and a prize pack of Library swag and Gold Star Chili gift cards, presented by the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director of the Library, Paula Brehm-Heeger. 

“I’ve had a Library card since I was five years old,” says Wurtzler. “I mainly use it to check out physical books, eBooks, and audiobooks. I’ve recently started listening to more audiobooks while driving to and from work. I like to read literary fiction, mystery and suspense novels, and fantasy. I also like to re-read childhood favorites.”

Wurtzler is an avid life-long fan of the Library and loves all she can do using her Library card.

“My Library card lets me check out books in a variety of formats and genres, that I might not have tried otherwise,” says Wurtzler. “I probably wouldn’t have ever listened to an audiobook without my library card.”