How a Nonprofit for Nonprofits Uses the MakerSpace to Support Its Work

Written by Alyson Best, Communications Manager, OneSource Center  

Large vinyl banners are a creative way to artistically display important information, but often production costs are high. When the OneSource Center team learned we could produce a high-qualit5 foot, 30-inch vinyl banner for under $12 at the Library’s MakerSpace, we thought this was too good to be true. COVID-inspired cost-savings research led the OneSource Center team to plan a field trip and investigate the vinyl printer/cutter option. We were glad we did! 

Creating to Meet Your Organizations Needs 

The MakerSpace at the Downtown Main Library houses a treasure-trove of tools that are free to use, including 3D printers, software, laser cutters, vinyl banner printers and more. Library cardholders can truly create almost anything they can imagine. (Small fees are assessed for materials provided by the Library.) 

We wanted to create a large banner for our offices to highlight the corporate sponsors supporting our work. However, to make a banner through commercial vendors costs several hundred dollars. We had heard we could make the same banner at the Library, though, for under $12 just by doing the printing ourselves. We would much rather use those extra funds to support our mission of strengthening nonprofits in our region. 

After designing the banner, the process to create it was extremely easy. The most planning involved was the lead time needed for making a reservation on the MakerSpace website, as wait times are often a couple of weeks for a two-hour slot. Yet, once at the MakerSpace, the process hardly took any time at all. Staff members walk newbies through the process every step of the way from program set-up through printing, cutting, and even installing the metal grommets. The end result is a high-quality, professionally printed banner that is now proudly displayed at the OneSource Center office. 

MakerSpace follows physical distancing guidelines, which is really very easy in the spacious department. Trained staff is on hand to help with any of the production tools that you need to use to bring your vision to life.    

OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence, opens a new window, the only resource center for nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati area, strengthens and supports leaders and their organizations, enhancing their capacity for greater impact in the community. Nonprofit offerings include expert consulting, coaching, and leadership development, plus a full redistribution warehouse of discounted office furnishings and products.  

In 2020 alone, OneSource Center worked with over 400 nonprofits, saving them over $850,000; partnered on 100+ consulting projects; equipped 170+ nonprofit offices with donated furniture and products; and trained over 250 nonprofit leaders. OneSource Center is a nonprofit themselves, and wants nonprofits to succeed!

Want to learn more about available equipment or book a reservation at one of CHPL's several MakerSpace locations? Visit the Library’s MakerSpace website or call MakerSpace staff at 513-369-6900.