Scares Come Alive as Warlock Vorobok Reads “Frankenstein”

Written by Adam Vorobok, Reference Librarian, Downtown Main Library 

It all started because of bad weather and boredom. A ghost story contest was announced. And the genre of horror was about to change forever. Join Warlock Vorobok as he reads from one of his favorite horror novels—and an all-time classic—Frankenstein.

Recommended Reading from CHPL’s Resident Warlock

Each episode this season, Warlock Vorobok is sharing his personal frightening favorites to read and watch which not only align with his monthly ghoulish guest but can be checked out with your Library card!

This month, the Warlock urges you to read the entirety of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” which in his opinion is a freakishly fun read full of monstrous scares. If you’ve already read “Frankenstein,” try Jeanette Winterson "Frankissstein,” a wild reimagination of the tale where a young transgender doctor has fallen in love with Victor Stein, the leading scientist in artificial intelligence who has plans to combine AI and cryogenics to create the next stage in life. It’s wild – and worth it!

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