Small Business Projects

Small Business Projects

Top 5 MakerSpace Stations for Small Business Projects

Eager to use MakerSpace for your small business project but not sure which equipment will suit your needs? Our dedicated MakerSpace staff offers these recommendations.

1. Vinyl Cutter/Printer

Small business owners love using this machine to create robust, visually striking promotional materials. Users have the opportunity to print out banners, stickers, glossy photos and window clings all for $2 a linear foot. This is the perfect machine to help you print off labels for the products you sell or to print flyers to promote an event for your business.

Sample projects: We've seen bumpers stickers, window decals for storefronts and table top banners for the farmers market.

2. Digital Creation Stations

With the wide array of top-quality software on our Digital Creation Stations, small business owners can design a number of projects for their business. The computers have software to edit photos and videos, make logos and illustrations, and design 3D models of varying types.

Sample projects: We've seen everything from personalized restaurant menus to commercials to audio recordings for a voiceover.

3. UV Printer

The UV Printer allows small businesses to customize nearly any type of material. From detailed coasters to intricate designs printed on guitars, small business owners have the ability to design and print on a number of different materials.

Sample projects: Own your own photography business? Print your photos on a range of materials, from metal to wood to cardstock to marble and beyond.

4. Laser Engraver

Small business owners love the laser engraver for its ability to create unique items from a number of materials.

Sample projects: From personalized wedding cake toppers cut from wood to customized signs etched on cardstock, the laser engraver gives every user the ability to design, cut and engrave intricate images on a number of surfaces.

5. Espresso Book Machine

The Espresso Book Machine is a unique machine for our space. It allows users to print and bind their own books. The best part is watching the machine work. In most cases, a book takes only 5 minutes to be printed and bound!

Sample projects: From cookbooks to business manuals to poetry chapbooks and novels, Makerspace staff has helped customers format their books, complete with covers, then print one copy or hundreds of copies.

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