You Got the Job! Prep for Your First Day Using the Library

Written by Liz Foreman, Marketing Manager, Marketing, Downtown Main Library

It’s time to celebrate - congratulations on the new job! The Library is here to help you navigate right up to your first day of work (and beyond).

1. Complete Online Paperwork

Your new manager or human resources team probably sent a pre-employment questionnaire for you to finish online. Stop by the Library to complete the form on our computers. Or, use your own phone or device while connected to the Library's free WiFi.

2. Print and Scan Onboarding and Tax Information

The Library's the place to print and scan documents for your new job. You may need to print an I-9 tax form or scan and print your ID as part of your employment verification paperwork. You do not need a library card to print up to 20 pages per day for free. You can even email your documents right to your neighborhood branch library, opens a new window for faster printing.

3. Prepare to Impress

Whether it’s a new company or a new position, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics. LinkedIn Learning’s videos, free with your library card, show you how to prepare before your start date, how to impress your new boss and deliver results, and more. And, see our CHPL staff recommendations for new and helpful books and materials!

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4. Find Your Best Place to Work and Meet

Is your new job remote or hybrid? More people in Hamilton County are stopping by their neighborhood library to work remotely in a comfortable environment with a reliable internet connection. Get familiar ahead of time to find out which branch is best for your needs.

Haven’t landed that dream job yet? Check out the Library’s Job Seeker services, including free access to expert assistance for every step in the job search process.